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Referring the best caregiver is our first priority.

Referral Service for Pre-Vetted Caregivers

YourLife Referral Service is a referral source for independent in-home senior caregivers in Erie and Niagara counties. We are a referral service for companions, personal care assistants, home health aides, certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. These caregivers operate as independent contractors relative to YourLife Referral Service; we are strictly a referral source. They are a great option for those who need some additional assistance but wish to retain their lifestyle in the comforts of their own home, and for those in facilities who need personalized attention.

Prior to making a referral, a YourLife Referral Service professional will meet with you and your family to discuss your caregiver preferences. We review the active caregivers in our database and endeavor to refer caregivers whose credentials and stated preferences are the best match with your request and stated preferences. Because you are always in control of your care, you may end a relationship and request a referral of an alternative caregiver who may be more compatible at any time.

The Family-Directed Care Model that we support puts you in control of your care. You design your own daily schedule and select the caregiver among our referrals that you believe could help you meet all your needs. Under this model, clients can awaken at their desired time, bathe or shower when they choose, enjoy meals of their preference, take trips to entertainment venues or outdoor recreation areas that they select, all while accompanied by a caregiver. This model is far superior to and less expensive than living in a residential healthcare facility and offers the added benefit of allowing you to continue doing what you enjoy while living in a familiar, comforting environment. This option is also different from a home care agency, where your home care is managed by the agency, rather than by you.

YourLife Referral Service was founded by Aaron Ackley in 2009. Aaron, a licensed nursing home administrator in New York and Pennsylvania, has over 20-years’ experience in varied senior residential living settings. His extensive background includes executive-level leadership roles in upscale retirement communities, hospital-based facilities and multi-facility nursing home chains. He and his staff have an unwavering commitment to referring to you and your family the area’s best caregivers.

Contact us today to meet personally with our Owner to review your caregiver referral options, all free of charge.


  • Family-Directed Care
  • Cost-Effective
  • Referred Caregivers can Provide Home Care Tailored to Your Specific Preferences
  • Professional Nurse Registry & Employment Agency
  • A Referred Caregiver can Provide Services In-Home or in a Facility
  • You Determine with Your Caregiver All Aspects of Your Home-Care Relationship, Without Any Third-Party Interference

Reliable and Responsive

YourLife Referral Service’s database of the area’s most qualified and experienced independent caregivers enables us to refer to you the caregiver(s) whose credentials and stated preferences we believe would be the closest match, based on your stated caregiver preferences. Clients are encouraged to personally interview referred caregivers, and request referrals of additional or alternative caregivers based on their changing needs and preferences. We carefully identify and meticulously vet caregivers one individual at a time. We will not refer a caregiver to your home that we would not feel comfortable having in our own.

All caregiver screenings include:

  • Personal interview with YourLife Referral Service owner
  • National fraud and abuse search
  • Driving record history
  • Local and national criminal record search
  • Prior work history and references
  • Extensive background check to verify third-party certified competency and skills

We Can Help

Whether you need additional assistance, but wish to stay in your home, or live in a facility and need extra attention, we endeavor to refer screened and credential-verified caregivers who match your expressed preferences and can help with your home-care needs.

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