About Us

Striving for excellence in referring only the most qualified caregivers in Erie and Niagara Counties whose preferences best match yours.

YourLife Referral Service was founded by Aaron Ackley to provide clients and their families who seek to care for a loved one in their home, and to self-manage their home-care arrangement, with on-demand access to independent caregivers who already have been thoroughly back-ground screened and credential-verified.

YourLife Referral Service operates with the utmost integrity, and strongly believes that every person in need of care should be informed about and able to choose the best options for them.

The founder, Aaron Ackley, is a licensed nursing home administrator in New York and Pennsylvania and has over 20-years’ experience in varied senior residential living settings. His extensive background includes executive-level leadership roles in upscale retirement communities, hospital-based facilities and multi-facility nursing home chains. As an unwavering advocate for independence and optimized quality of life for seniors, Aaron founded YourLife Referral Service in 2009 to enhance available options for those who wish to maintain their lifestyle while living at home or who wish to return to the comfort of their home after a hospitalization or stay in a residential facility. He recognized that without access to independent caregivers who already have been thoroughly vetted, a family’s ability to self-manage their home care is severely limited.

We Can Help

Whether you need additional assistance, but wish to stay in your home, or live in a facility and need extra attention, we strive to refer screened and credential-verified caregivers who match your expressed preferences and can help with your home-care needs. Let us put your mind at ease and provide you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

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